Professional accounting services in clear language. We operate throughout Poland.


Оffer comprehensive accounting services as well as personnel management services

5 years of experience
We provide a full range of accounting services, including expert support in personnel management and strategic consultations for your business. Our highly qualified specialists have extensive experience and professional education, ensuring impeccable accounting management.

We constantly monitor changes in the market and legislation, allowing us to offer solutions that comply with current standards. Our accounting services contribute to optimizing your finances, ensuring maximum benefits for your business.

Our services

Accounting services

We offer individualized accounting solutions for all types of entrepreneurs and companies, regardless of size and industry.

Human resources and payroll

The spectrum of payroll and HR services covers the entire cycle of activities, starting from employee recruitment, preparation of necessary documentation, and ongoing personnel management, including salary calculation and provision of consolidated reports.

Financial reports

Preparation of financial reports for companies in accordance with current norms and legislative changes, including electronic reports and JPK_SF files.

Support during an inspection

We actively participate in tax inspection procedures related to the period when our company handled accounting for the taxpayer.

Audit of accounting records

We provide comprehensive auditing services for companies operating in Poland.

Price list

All amounts are stated net
Financial and accounting services - Full accounting (for Sp. z o.o.)
Up to 30 documents
500 zł
Up to 50 documents
700 zł
Up to 75 documents
900 zł
Up to 100 documents
1200 zł
Up to 150 documents
1500 zł
Up to 200 documents
1900 zł
Each subsequent increase in documents - 10 PLN (net) for each document.
Financial and accounting services
Income and Expense Ledger (KPIR for JDG)
Up to 10 documents
300 zł
Up to 30 documents
400 zł
Up to 70 documents
500 zł
Up to 100 documents
600 zł
Up to 150 documents
800 zł
Up to 200 documents
1000 zł
Up to 300 documents
1250 zł
Up to 400 documents
1500 zł
Each subsequent increase in documents - 5 PLN (net) for each document.
Personnel and payroll services
Payroll services (preparation of payroll statements, issuance of income certificates, calculation of declarations for ZUS).
50 PLN per month
per employee
Personnel and payroll services (payroll services + vacation and sick leave management, personnel record keeping)
75 PLN per month
per employee
Employee onboarding (preparation of documentation related to employment)
50 PLN
per employee
Employee termination (preparation of documentation related to termination)
50 PLN
per employee
Additional services
Preparation of PIT-11
50 PLN per employee
Preparation and submission of declarations.

Preparation and filing of declarations for individual entrepreneurs and partners in companies.

50 PLN per
entrepreneur / partner
Accounting policy
1000 zł
Annual report
One average monthly
remuneration for financial
and accounting, as well as
payroll and personnel
services for the fiscal
year, but not
less than 1000 PLN
VAT registration
250 zł
Other services
Cost is determined
on an individual basis

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